Palindromic is a company founded and managed by translators, with headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 2009, we have been providing premiere-quality services to companies from around the world. The good relationships we have with our clients are proof of our success in the market.

At Palindromic, we strive to help our clients communicate their specially-tailored messages to different global audiences. We work with two great allies: technology and highly-skilled professionals. Together, they allow us to ensure consistent terminology and deliver top-quality translations, while helping increase their profit margins.

"Our dedication to quality shows also in our communication with clients, strong teamwork and ongoing professional training." [ Your Spanish Partner ]

A palindrome is a symmetrical phrase that reads the same way both backwards and forwards. Palindromes are a metaphor for the work translators do, and they have inspired us to strive for the perfect symmetry they represent. Every day, we play around to find the symmetry in the message despite cultural differences. While we know every language is unique, we believe human beings are one and, today, their messages are global.

"Like a palindrome, our profession is both an art and a game, the goal of which is to ensure that the message reaches its destination fully intact."
Why us

We specialize in high profile, large volume projects for major language service providers (LSP). We have extensive experience putting together large teams and developing action plans for special projects.

We ensure strict compliance with our clients' instructions and quality standards. All our linguists are certified translators and members of the Sworn Translators Association of the City of Buenos Aires (CTPCBA). We hold ourselves accountable for the results. We look after our team (because they're worth it!) and cultivate relationships with our clients.

  • EN15038 standard compliant
  • NDA and data protection
  • Native, graduated and qualified linguists
  • Proven internal procedures and tools
  • Convenient time zone (GMT-3)
  • Members of the American Translators Association (ATA)
How we do it

Our translation process complies with the EN15038 quality standard and includes the following professionals: translator, editor and proofreader (TEP). First, documents are translated by a qualified translator. Then, they are corrected by a second translator who specializes in the topic and acts as an editor, comparing the source and target documents. Finally, the translation is read by a proofreader in its final format. In this process, we use the technology that is best suited to each project or is required by our clients.

Our people

At Palindromic, we have created a work environment that promotes active interaction and collaboration. Meet the key members of our team who, along with our solid network of freelancers, ensure the success of every project:

Romina Rivero Managing Director Romina's unique organizational skills enable her to manage and plan large-scale projects with many moving parts that would be impossible for others to fit together. She tackles projects with energy and tenacity and sees them through to the end. Reliable and understanding like few others are, she is the key that keeps the gears at Palindromic working to perfection.
Sofia Estevez Project Management Lead Sofia is a pro when it comes to developing a practical approach and making the most of the resources at hand. She is the mother of three; loves traveling, medicine and biosciences; and, after years of parenting, has developed an enviable ability to juggle all kinds of issues at once and deal with them quickly and effectively.
Alejandro Pujol Quality Assurance Manager Alejandro is a translator and artist through and through. His creativity and meticulous analytical powers allow him to approach situations from different perspectives. He is also able to provide that bit of ingenuity that many projects require. Alejandro's versatility and scrupulous attention to detail ensure that nothing is left up to chance.
Karina Casal Translation Team Lead When she was a child, Karina had an insatiable curiosity and insisted on knowing how things worked. Nothing has changed since then. Over time, her passion for languages and general knowledge have made her a great researcher, a stickler for the details and a staunch defender of the proper use of language.
Paula Perez Assistant Project Manager Paula provides the fresh perspective needed to take on new projects and challenges. Life isn't always rosy, but she always tries to make it that way. Her dedication and spontaneity shine through in her work as a mediator between clients and translators, and her weakness for social networks is, in this context, one of her greatest strengths.
Cristina Bevilaqua Senior Editor Cristina's many years of work in different fields in the translation industry, her extensive experience as an English teacher and the knowledge she acquired living abroad are an ace up the sleeve to confront any challenge. In a few words, she is a unique professional in a class all her own.
Margarita Chief Affection Officer Loyal to her vocation of making our hearts melt, Marga is one of the most beloved members of our team. With the touch of her paw, she lets us know that it's time for a break, or time to play or relax for a while. When she's not at someone's feet or on someone's lap, you can find her on the balcony taking a siesta in the company of her great friend, the Sun.